Captain Jack Harkness (quitehomoerotic) wrote,
Captain Jack Harkness

for rude_not_ginger: Universe hopping, part 2.

Follows this.

It was no lie when Jack said travelling with the transverser might be more uncomfortable than the Vortex Manipulator. In fact, such an idea was quite the understatement. This? This hurt. It felt as though his insides had been ripped out and unceremoniously stuffed back in. Felt so much in fact that he reached a hand down to check that wasn't the case.

Thankfully, he was still in one piece. It made a nice change.

"That'll wake you up in a morning," Jack said, cricking his neck to the side. "You okay?" His hand was still in the Doctor's, and he released the grip to move it around to his back. "Doctor?"

They appeared to be in a city street. A very very empty city street. Empty and quiet. Like it had been abandoned years ago. It felt intrinsically wrong. He glanced down at his wrist strap, still not working. Still not their Universe.

"Okay," he said tentatively. "Lets try and get through this one without the vivisection. We stick together."
Tags: character: the doctor (10), verse: two immortals one tardis, warning: disturbing imagery
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