Captain Jack Harkness (quitehomoerotic) wrote,
Captain Jack Harkness

for rude_not_ginger Welcome back to Cardiff.

Jack pressed the button on the manipulator and in a flash they were gone. Away from the tower, away from Gallifrey, through the vortex and through the rift. It pulled them through time and space and everything in between.

Until they were there.

Barely a moment and they were there, feet first on the carpet inside Jack's Cardiff flat. The tug had been immense and unpleasant, but that was fine. That was fine because they'd got away. They'd got away and they were (relatively) safe.

"Doctor you did it!" Jack beamed, spinning around to look at him, making himself dizzy in the process. "We're here, we're back. Oh you genius!"
Tags: character: the doctor (10), rp thread, verse: two immortals one tardis, warning: sexual content
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