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Captain Jack Harkness - A detailed timeline

A general timeline of what we know of Jack's life is laid out below. Details have been gathered from many sources, all of which canon. A few dates have been approximated by myself given canon indicators. The only canon not used here is the tie in novels and audio books, though I may add those at a later date.

Some information is a little involved, but I have tried to surmise it as much as possible while still having all the essential detail. Sources have been cited next to each entry.

If you have anything to add or comment on, please do. I'm always happy to hear. Also, if you'd like to know the source for any of this canon, please ask.


51st Century - Some time around the year 5070 - Jack is born to a family on the Boeshane Peninsular, a human colony on an unspecified planet. His original name is unknown.

At around the age of 12 creatures invade Boeshane. His father, Franklin, tells him to take his brother Gray and get to safety. While escaping Jack's hand slips out of his brother's and he loses him, seemingly forever. When he returns home to his mother he finds that the creatures have killed his father. [TW - Adam]

While young he goes off to fight (likely the creatures that invaded Boeshane). He persuades his friend to 'join up' with him only for them both to be captured and his friend to be tortured and killed in front of him. The creatures then let Jack go. [TW - Captain Jack Harkness]

Jack becomes the youngest ever person to sign up for the Time Agency. [DW - The Last of the Time Lords]

In 5094 he's crowned rear of the year. [TW - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang]

Once sentenced to death and as a last meal orders four hypervodkas which lead to him ending up in bed with both his executioners. They stayed in touch. [DW - The Doctor Dances]

In the Time Agency he's partnered with the man we know as Captain John Hart. A partnership chosen because Jack is the only one able to keep him under control. They have a phsyical as well as working relationship and at one time spend five years together trapped in a two week time loop. (John's the wife). [TW - KKBB/Exit Wounds]

He's present some time after the destruction of the dinosaurs, having to feed off them as they're 'the only source of food protein after the meteor hit'. [TW - Fragments]

Leaves the Time Agency upon discovering that they have erased two years of his life. He has no idea what he did in those two years, he wants them back. [DW - TDD]

Upon leaving the agency Jack goes 'freelance' as a con artist and at some point obtains a Chula ship in order to travel. [DW - The Empty Child]

Present at the fall of Pompeii, stating that it's a great place for a con as long as you set your alarm for 'volcano day'. [DW - TEC]

1941 sets up a con in London at the height of the Blitz. (Roughly aged about 35 [DW - The Time Travellers Almanac]) He assumes the name of missing Group Captain Jack Harkness, an American volunteer with the RAF. Here he meets Rose Tyler who he originally mistakes for a Time Agent and subsequently attempts to make a deal with her after 'entertaining' her on the roof of his ship, tethered to Big Ben. As events unfold Jack is introduced to the Doctor and he becomes involved with the mysterious case of the Empty Child. Jack soon discovers this is inadvertently his fault, caused by the Chula ambulance he crashed in the city as part of his con. In order to save the Doctor and Rose, Jack stops a German bomb from landing by beaming it on board his ship and holding it in stasis. The stasis field, however, won't hold and Jack believes he had but minutes to live. As he's treating himself to a last drink he's rescued by the Doctor and Rose who land the TARDIS in his ship and pick him up. [DW - TEC/TDD]

In 2006 he arrives in Cardiff in the TARDIS with the Doctor and Rose in order to use the city's transdimensional rift in space and time to refuel. Here he first meets Mickey Smith. While there they encountered Margaret Blaine - a Slitheen in human disguise- attempting to set up the Blaidd Drwg nuclear power plant which, if it went ahead, would cause catastrophic destruction. Using stolen technology aquired from Margaret, Jack equips the TARDIS with extrapolator shielding. The Cardiff rift is opened and an earthquake rips open part of Roal Dhal Plass where the TARDIS is parked. [DW - Boomtown]

He travels for a while with the Doctor and Rose, including to the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius to return Margaret (now regressed to an egg after looking into the heart of the TARDIS).

The year 200,100 along with the Doctor and Rose, Jack is brought onto the Gamestation on Satelite Five. They're split up and inserted into television programmes. Once being de-robed by a defabricator in a future version of the TV show 'What Not to Wear' Jack converts the machine into a ray gun and tries to find the Doctor (after getting dressed again, that is). Upon finding him they track Rose to a game of 'The Weakest Link' and believe she is killed when they see a droid shoot her and leave a dust pile behind. From the now rediscovered TARDIS, Jack works out that the laser beam they saw from the droid was not in fact a gun but a transmat beam and that she is still alive but elsewhere. Discovering who is behind the events at the Gamestation Jack and the Doctor are horrified to find a fleet of Dalek ships heading towards them.
Jack and the Doctor travel via the TARDIS to the lead Dalek ship to save Rose, aided by the extrapolator shielding that Jack installed previously. He takes out a Dalek using his defabricator gun, draining the batteries and rendering it useless. Upon leaving the TARDIS, still protected by the shielding the trio are greeted by the Dalek emperor who tells them of the destruction he plans on Earth. The three return to Satelive Five and plan to fight. Using the extrapolator Jack protects the top floor of the base so that the Doctor can work while he intends to go down to floor zero to rally people to help in fending off the Daleks. Believing he might die and that he likely won't see either the Doctor or Rose again, he kisses them both goodbye. With a small band of people Jack organises a last defence against the Daleks, ready to go down fighting. Continuing until he is the last one standing, Jack attempts until the very end to stop the Daleks reaching the Doctor but is ultimately killed. Rose Tyler, having absorbed the time vortex into herself subsequently destroys the Daleks and 'brings life', resurrecting Jack. He wakes alone, finding himself surrounded by the dust of the now destroyed Daleks. Jack heads back to the Doctor but arrives just in time to hear it de-materialising, leaving him stranded there. [DW - Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways.]

1869, Cardiff. Jack arrives here after using his vortex manipulator to travel back to Earth in order to find the Doctor. The manipulator, however, burns out and he finds himself stuck there. [DW - Utopia]

1892, Ellis Island, New York. First time he realises he can't die. Gets in a fight and gets shot in the heart. Then he wakes up.[DW - Utopia]

1898, Cardiff. Resumes his search for the Doctor. Bases himself in Cardiff knowing that he uses the rift to re-fuel. Catches the attention of Torchwood after being vocal in bars about looking for the Doctor so he can 'fix' him and getting himself into fights seemingly dying several times only to escape it. Captured by Emily Holyroyd and Alice Guppy and taken to the Torchwood Hub where he is interrogated and persuaded to work for them. He initially accepts but upon seeing their methods, refuses. However after being confronted by a strange fortune telling young girl who gives him the news that 'the century will turn twice' before he finds who he's looking for, he returns to Torchwood and joins them as an uncontracted agent. [TW - Fragments]

At some point, the exact date unknown, Jack gets married to a mystery woman. Her name is unknown and he is never seen to speak of her. [TW - Something Borrowed]

1909, Lahore. Serving in the army and with a train full of troops that get attacked by faries that kill everyone but him. [TW - Small Worlds]

Served in WWI including being present at the battle of the Somme. Later suffers a death via a Mustard Gas attack.

Some time in the 1920s he's sent to investigate the Night Travellers and rumours of people disappearing. He joins a travelling show himself and ends up becoming part of the troupe for a while, billed as 'The Man Who Couldn't Did'. [TW - From out of the Rain]

In 1924 he travels to India and disbands the Torchwood branch in Delhi. Jack has a fling with 'The Duchess'. [TW - The Golden Age]

Serves in the RAF during WWII working his way up the ranks the correct way this time.

Stationed in London during the war, he at some point meets Estelle Cole (a few weeks before Christmas at the Astoria ballroom) who he forms a relationship with. The pair vowed to be together until they die. Some time in late 1943 Jack waves Estelle off at Marylebone station as she leaves to join the land army in the countryside. Some time in 1944 they lose contact. [TW - SW/ The Torchwood Archives]

Jack continues to work on and off for Torchwood, but often goes behind their back in order to continue his search for the Doctor; Torchwood enemy number one. [The Torchwood Archives]

Some time in the 1960s Jack is instrumental in the recruitment of Melody White to Torchwood 3. When she dies at the hands of a creature Jack goes on a rampage until he kills it. After her death he takes two weeks off after seeming to be quite dramatically affected by her death. Jack was rumoured to have been in a relationship with Melody. [The Torchwood Archives]

December 1965 Jack is chosen to deliver 12 children from a care home to the aliens known as the 456 in exchange for a cure to a new strain of indonesian flu. [TW - Children of Earth]

1968 Lucia Moretti joins Torchwood. At some point Jack starts a relationship with her.[The Torchwood Archives]

In 1974 Lucia falls pregnant with Jack's child. She leaves Torchwood in 1975.[TWA / TW - CoE]

In 1975, he dates junior doctor Stella Courtney for a few weeks.[TW - The Dead Line]

5th August 1975 Jack and Lucia's daughter Mellissa is born.[TW - CoE]

In an attempt to distance her daughter from Jack, Lucia applies to put her into deep cover. The application is approved on 14th February 1977 and Mellissa Moretti has her name changed to Alice Sangster.[TW - CoE]

During the 1990s Jack returns several times to the Powell Estate in London to watch the young Rose Tyler growing up, mindful never to speak to her and alter time lines. [DW - Utopia]

At some point he begins working for Torchwood 3 full time, likely after the appointment of Alex Hopkins as leader. A man he got on well with.

In June 1999 Jack gives the recepie for the amnesia drug retcon to Torchwood. [The Torchwood Archives]

On 4th October 1999 Jack's grandson Steven is born to Alice and her then husband Joe Carter. [TW - CoE]

On 31st December 1999 a little before midnight, Jack arrives back at the Cardiff Hub to find Alex Hopkins has killed the entirety of his team having claimed to have seen the future. He tells Jack the deaths were mercy killings as they were unprepared for the future and the storm ahead. Alex hands power of Torchwood 3 over to Jack, telling him to 'give this place a purpose, before it's too late'. Before Jack is able to stop him, Alex shoots himself in the head, committing suicide. [TW - Fragments]

Early during the 2000s Jack recruits the first member of his own Torchwood team, Suzie Costello.

Some time after August 2004 Jack regains contact with Estelle Cole, (now an old woman) after her spotting him outside a pound shop in Newport. He claims to be the son of the Jack she once knew. They have an on-off friendship. [TW Website]

In late 2004 or early 2005 Jack recruits Toshiko Sato from a UNIT jail. [TW - Fragments]

In 2006 Jack recruits Owen Harper as Torchwood medic, after his fiance died at the hands of an alien parasite. [TW - Fragments]

During 2006 Jack has the Torchwood Hub on lock down, knowing an earlier incarnation of himself is above with the Doctor, dealing with the Slitheen. Cardiff suffers an earthquake after the rift is opened. [The Torchwood Archives]

On 23rd November 2006 Lucia Moretti (mother of Jack's daughter) dies of heart disease.[TW - CoE]

Some time late December 2006 Jack retrieves the Doctor's severed hand from the roof of a newsagents in London and stores it inside the Hub to use as a 'Doctor detector'. [TW Website]

After the fall of Torchwood 1 in early 2007 Jack sends two members of his team to scavenge the ruins at Canary Wharf. [TW - Fragments]

Mid 2007 Ianto Jones, a former employee of Torchwood in London arrives in Cardiff and after a little coercion, (and the aquisition of a pterodactyl - the new Torchwood pet-), convinces Jack to let him join Torchwood as a general assistant. [TW - Fragments]

Late 2007 PC Gwen Cooper learns of Torchwood after a series of murders which turn out to be at the hand of Torchwood member Suzie Costello.
Fearing Gwen has discovered her, Suzie threatens to kill Gwen and shoots Jack in the head. When she sees him wake up from death she commits suicide. Gwen Cooper is recruited to Torchwood. Jack and Gwen have ongoing sexual tension between one another (this is never acted upon). [TW - Everything Changes]

Late 2007 the Torchwood team discovers Ianto Jones holds a secret and is*concealing his half converted Cyberman girlfriend, Lisa, within the basement of the Torchwood Hub. During the ordeal the Hub is locked down to prevent the Cyberwoman from getting to the outside world. The team manage to neutralise the threat and the Cyberwoman is killed. Jack threatens to kill Ianto after him having put the world at danger and betraying them all, but understanding what it can be like to make mistakes for love, he's lenient deeming the death of Lisa punishment enough. Ianto is suspended from Torchwood for one month, and Jack vows to get to know him better on his return. [Tw - Cyberwoman/TW Website]

Late 2007 Estelle Cole gets in touch with Jack after taking some pictures of what she believes to be benevolent faries. Jack however, knows better. The faries attack and Estelle is killed before Jack can save her. Jack reveals to Gwen that he and Estelle were once in love. [TW - Small Worlds]

Late 2007 after investigating a series of murders with connections to Torchwood and Suzie Costello, Gwen uses a resurection glove in order to bring Suzie back. Suzie however drains Gwen's life force and tries to run away. Jack kills Suzie again, once and for all. Around this time, Jack begins a physical relationship with Ianto. [TW - They Keep Killing Suzie]

On 21st January 2008 Jack goes with Tosh to investigate music from the 1940s being heard at the Ritz dance hall. Due to a temporal shift Tosh and Jack end up in 1941 at a 'Kiss the Boys Goodbye' dance. Jack is introduced to 'Captain Jack Harkness', the real man whos name he stole. Shocked by this revelation, and with the knowledge that he'll die the following day, Jack tells the real Jack to live every moment as though it were his last. During the evening the men share a quiet moment together, the real Jack a little unsure of his feelings he walks away from the situation. The pair share a final dance together before back in 2007 Owen opens the rift, making it possible for Jack and Tosh to return. While there Tosh and Jack meet the mysterious Billis Manger who appears to be present in both the future (where he meets Gwen) and the past. Before leaving, the two Jack's share a passionate kiss. [TW - CJH]

22nd January 2008 and the couple of days after. As an after effect to Owen opening the rift, time begins splintering out originating from the rift. People from different times appear all over the world and the Torchwood team are all hands on deck to try and stop it. Billis Manger appears again and fortells of Rhys's (Gwen's boyfriend) death. To protect him, Gwen brings Rhys to the Hub, but Billis gets inside and stabs him, killing him. The team want to open the rift in order to reverse these terrible occurences but Jack refuses. In order to stop him getting in their way Owen shoots Jack, not knowing he will revive. When Jack wakes he finds the team have opened the rift, and inadvertently released the creature Abadon, trapped beneath the rift. Abadon goes on a rampage through Cardiff, killing all that his shadow falls on. In order to stop it, Jack orders Gwen take him to an open space where he allows Abadon to feed off his energy until it overdoses him and kills him. Jack dies but does not revive.

In the morgue, Gwen refuses to leave Jack and she stays with him for a series of days. When she's finally convinced he's not going to wake she kisses him lightly on the lips and leaves. The kiss, however gives Jack just enough life force to be able to waken.

After reuniting with his team within the Hub Jack hears the TARDIS materialising above. He takes the Doctor's severed hand and dashes outside to the Plass, managing to jump on the TARDIS just as it is de-materialising. [TW - End of Days/DW - Utopia]

The year 100,000,000,000,000 (100 Trillion), the TARDIS lands on the planet Malcassairo at the end of the universe. Having latched to the side through the vortex Jack lies on the floor dead, discovered by the Doctor's now companion; Martha Jones. Martha attempts to revive him only to have Jack breathe back into life. Jack and the Doctor have a tense reunion where Jack accuses the Doctor of abandoning him. The Doctor appears un-fazed by this fact. Jack passes comment on the Doctor's different face, referring to his new regeneration. Querying about the battle of Canary Wharf and the fact Rose Tyler's name was on the list of the dead, the Doctor gladly informs Jack she is alive in a parallel universe. The pair share a hug. On the silo they meet Professor Yana who is building a ship to get what is left of humanity to 'Utopia'. In order to help, Jack enters a room that is flooded with sted radiation. While in there Jack and the Doctor have a heart to heart. The Doctor explains that Jack is a fixed point in time and that as a time lord it was his instinct to run. He tells him he can't fix him.
The trio discover that the man they believe to be Professor Yana is in fact a Time Lord named the Master, in disguise. Realising who he is again, the Master steals the Doctor's TARDIS and leaves them stranded. [DW - Utopia]

With his sonic screwdriver the Doctor fixes Jack's vortex manipulator and takes the three of them back to London mid 2008. Upon their arrival they discover the Master is now Prime Minister and the three go on the run. Jack's Torchwood team are sent on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas to keep them out the way. Jack nervously tells the Doctor of his association with Torchwood which initially meets with disapproval. He assures him he's rebuilt it in his image. In an attempt to stop the Master from unleashing terror upon the world they attempt to get close to him, getting on board the UNIT carrier air ship Valiant. They are discovered however, and Jack is imprisoned. They send Martha off with the aid of Jack's vortex manipulator. [DW - The Sound of Drums]

For one year Jack is chained captive on the Valiant at the hands of the Master who takes great delight in the fact he can kill Jack over and over again.

When Martha returns a year later the Doctor is freed and the year is reversed. The Doctor takes Jack back to Cardiff and tells him he can go with him if he likes, but Jack tells him he belongs with Torchwood and knows that now. Before he leaves, the Doctor disables Jack's vortex manipulator again. [DW - LOTTL]

Upon his return to Cardiff Jack meets up with his team again. Gwen is now engaged to her partner Rhys who asked while Jack was away. They are confronted in the city by Jack's former Time Agent colleague and partner Captain John Hart. Jack arranges to help John in order to get him to leave. While split up on their search John indivdually attacks each of the Torchwood members. Jack also takes the time to ask Ianto out on an official date. John kills Jack by pushing him off the roof of the British Gas building in the centre of Cardiff. Upon leaving, John reveals to Jack that he's found his brother Gray. [TW - KKBB]

Late 2008, Gwen's boyfriend Rhys Williams finds out about Torchwood and assists the team with a mission. Rhys gets shot and Gwen refuses to retcon him. Jack lets it slide. [TW - Meat]

Late 2008, Martha Jones, now a Doctor with UNIT, arrives at Torchwood to assist with a case at a medical research facility, The Pharm. After neutralising the threat, as they're leaving, Aaron Copley, director of the facility attempts to stop them and shoots Owen Harper in the heart, killing him dead.
Jack retrieves a second resurrection gauntlet from a church and uses it to bring back Owen. It however brings him back for longer than the prescribed two minutes and Owen becomes living dead. Jack initially relieves Owen of his duty, but he slowly finds his place again within the team. Martha Jones leaves to return to London. [TW - Reset/Dead Man Walking/A Day in the Death]

Late 2008, Gwen Cooper marries her boyfriend Rhys Williams. (The ceremony of course does not go by without alien intervention). [TW - Something Borrowed]

Early 2009, Captain John Hart returns with a trap set for Torchwood. John reveals to Jack that he's under the control of Jack's estranged brother Gray. He however has trouble believing this. Under Gray's command John sets more traps for the Torchwood team across Cardiff and takes Jack captive.

John uses his vortex manipulator and takes Jack back to Cardiff 27 AD to try and tell him the truth about Gray, hoping that coming this far would mean they can hide. Sadly, Gray finds them and kills Jack. Gray, having gone mad from all the years chained up and tortured by the creatures, cites Jack as the cause. Wanting to harm him as much as he can, Gray has John dig a hole and bury Jack beneath the ground on which Cardiff will one day be built. Before sealing Jack in, John throws a ring in the open grave.

In 1901 Alice Guppy and Charles Gaskill of Torchwood discover a signal which Alice traces to Cathays park in Cardiff. Ariving at the location, they dig up the buried Jack Harkness and discover the signal was within the ring that John threw into the grave. Jack pleads with the Torchwood members to freeze him so as he doesn't cross his own time line. He tells them to freeze him and wake him in 107 years time. (It is approximated that Jack rounded it to 107 years but the time was in fact 107 years and a few months. When they went ahead with the procedure, it is likely he would have given them a more accurate timeframe).

Back in 2009 where Jack was taken away, the Torchwood team have been attempting to neutralise the threats to the city. John Hart arrives back to assist them, they accept on the assurance he'll be able to help them locate Jack. Owen Harper is at the Turnmill Nuclear plant attempting to reverse a meltdown while Toshiko Sato assists him over the radio. Gray, however also arrives at Torchwood and traps Gwen, Ianto and John within the vaults. Upstairs in the main Hub Gray shoots Toshiko in the stomach, lethally injuring her. Toshiko continues to assist Owen over the comms without informing him of her injury, allowing him to believe it's just pain from previously breaking her wrist. An energy spike within the nuclear plant triggers a lock down, sealing Owen inside where the venting of the nuclear material finally kills him. He has his last conversation over the comms with the dying Toshiko.
In the morgue, a knocking is heard and Gray goes to investigate. Once he arrives and opens the draw he is shocked to find an awake Jack, having survived all this time. Jack uses chloroform (or a similar drug) and knocks Gray unconscious. Once Gray is no longer a threat, Jack releases Gwen, Ianto and John from the vaults and returns upstairs only to find Toshiko on the verge of death. Toshiko tells them of Owen's demise and dies in Jack's arms. Jack freezes his brother and bids goodbye to John Hart. [TW - Exit Wounds]

Mid 2009, the Earth is transported across space to the Medusa Cascade. Daleks begin to attack. Upon discovery of their adversary Jack believes they will all be killed, until he is contacted by Former Prime Minister Harriet Jones using a sub wave network. The network connects Torchwood with former companions of the Doctor Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones. Using the power of the rift along with a sentient computer belonging to Sarah Jane, the subwave network is able to send a transmission out to the Doctor that makes him able to locate the Earth. Using information from alien technology in the possession of Martha Jones, Jack is able to fix the teleportation on his vortex manipulator and send himself to where the TARDIS has landed. Upon arrival though a Dalek shoots the Doctor, Jack destroys the Dalek and along with Rose Tyler (recently arrived from her parallell world) and Donna Noble, the Doctor's current companion, they get the Doctor inside the TARDIS. When inside, the Doctor begins to regenerate but ciphens the energy off into the severed hand that Jack previously brought into the TARDIS. The TARDIS along with it's inhabitants are transferred to the Dalek Crucible above, where it has been learned that the Dalek creator, Davros, is residing.
While on the Crucible Jack allows himself to be killed by the Daleks so as he can infiltrate the ship. After climbing through ventilation shafts he encounters Mickey Smith, Sarah Jane Smith and Jackie Tyler who had been transferred to the crucible by the Daleks. While there Sarah Jane reveals she is in possession of a Warp Star which would easily blow up the ship. Using this, Jack threatens Davros but the four find themselves transferred and captured before they can go ahead. Martha Jones is also brought from Earth and aboard the Crucible. Elsewhere in the believed to be destroyed TARDIS, Donna Noble touches the Doctor's severed hand in a jar, absorbing Time Lord energy into herself. This creates a human-timelord metacrisis and the hand forms a half-human copy of the Doctor while Donna abosrbs the Doctor's Time Lord mind. Donna, aided by the new Doctor, defeats the Daleks and frees the companions. They, their energy combined, fly the TARDIS and harnessing the power of the Cardiff rift, tow the Earth home. Jack leaves the TARDIS along with Mickey and Martha and returns back to Ianto and Gwen in Torchwood. [DW - The Stolen Earth/Journeys End]

Mid 2009, Jack is called to Switzerland by Martha Jones to investigate missing people at CERN, the location of the large hadron collider. [TW - Lost Souls]

Late summer 2009, A young girl, Freda falls through the rift and Torchwood have to deal with it. The events lead to PC Andy Davidson learning a lot more about Torchwood and what it does. [TW - Asylum]

Late summer 2009, Torchwood visit Dehli in India and find the old Torchwood India base still running despite Jack closing it over 80 years ago. They meet the Duchess who Jack once had a fling with; still alive due to alien technology. The team shut down the equipment they are using and the base and members are destroyed. [TW - The Golden Age]

Late summer 2009 Jack ends up in a trance like comatose state when he answers a call on a phone infected with an alien lifeform. Ianto stays at Jack's bedside while Gwen and Rhys along with Jack's former flame Stella Courtney. [TW - The Dead Line]

September 2009 All the children in the world start speaking in unison and mark the return of the 456, an alien race that Jack had dealings with back in 1965. In a measure to remove evidence of that past encounter the goverment order those involved killed. Jack is killed and has a bomb placed in his stomach which later explodes whilst inside the Hub, destroying it.
Jack is torn to shreds and the recovered parts of his body are taken to a military compound where they slowly start to reconstruct. In order to keep Jack contained he is encased in a block of concrete.
After being rescued, team Torchwood along with Gwen's husband Rhys are on the run. Jack's daughter and grandson are taken hostage as collateral in order to stop Jack talking about what happened in 1965. The aliens demand 10% of the Earth's children, and after using Lois Habiba to infiltrate the government Jack along with Ianto gets an audience with the 456. The 456 however won't acquiesce to Jack's demands and as a warning they release a virus that kills everyone inside the building, including Ianto.
A broken man Jack demands the government send Gwen home and he's put into police custody, only to be broken out as Alice (his daughter) proclaims he's the only man that can stop this. Jack realises what must be done, but in order to do it they need a child to use to transmit. The only child near is Jack's grandson Steven and he reluctantly agrees. Pressing the button that kills Steven in order to save millions of children.

September 2009 - March 2010, Jack travels the world attempting to atone for his past mistakes and the recent deaths.

March 2010, Jack returns to Cardiff and meets Gwen on a hillside where she returns his vortex manipulator that was found in the wreckage of the Hub. He then uses it to send a signal to a cruiser on the edge of the solar system which then picks him up, running away from Earth. [TW - Children of Earth]

At some unspecified later time Jack is in a bar and visited by the Doctor who nudges him towards a young man called Alonso. This is the last time he'll see the tenth Doctor before his regeneration.

Known deaths unaccounted for:
Fell off a cliff, trampled by horses, poison, starvation, and a stray javelin.

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