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for rude_not_ginger: The masked ball of the Prince Regent of Muldoon.

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They had all the time they needed. And true, they did. And an evening that might be a few hours for some could be so much more for them if they desired.

And so, for once, they did. And they indulged in what was available to them. An evening in the TARDIS while she bathed in the sky. A night of simply being together, and sharing. A bath that lasted far too long and a massage that lasted almost longer. That and a bed and a good night's sleep for the both of them.

It was, just about the epitome of relaxing.

And the morning arrived and with it renewed energy and drive, and so, being the people they were, they just had to travel.

After all, the TARDIS needed a run in.

"You know I think this is the smoothest flight we've ever had," Jack said with a grin, looking at the Doctor over the console, one hand rested on his monitor. "All her vitals are spot on."
Tags: character: the doctor (10), verse: two immortals one tardis
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